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This publication has been made possible thanks to:
The Municipality of  ’s-Hertogenbosch, Fund Kwadraat, Museum Slager, Hermes Fund for Art and Culture.

Special thanks to:
Iris van Dongen / Roos & Walter van de Griend / Patrick Nas / Bernadette Notten / Nico Pellatz / Leo Schrama / Nicholetta Weinges-Evers / Christiane Wolrab / Léon Reijner / Family van de Griend-Steggerda / Ulrike Pennewitz and my friends and family.

Text: Ulrike Pennewitz 
Print: Drukwerknodig
Design: nas grafisch ontwerp
Translation: Julianne Cordray
Photo credits: Nuno Roque page 20
Oliver Ajkovic page 38 / 39 / 42
Ruud Strobbe page 19 / 26
Eveline van de Griend page 28
All other photos by Matias N. Franco

The paintings in the ‘Reincarnation of Hieronymus Bosch’ series were created between 2014 – 2019.

© Pictoright Amsterdam 2019