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‘symbolic guardians in a time of transition

We are familiar with the classic icons, sacred images used for religious devotion, objects of worship and veneration. The golden background makes the depicted person shine. The heavenly quality of the gold rays gives the surface of an icon the appearance of living, glowing, moving light. Classical saints must die before they can be recognised as such. The Modern Saints are portraits of my friends who are still very much alive. With Modern Saints, I symbolically create a new female order. In which the 7 guardians of the future are proud women, each with their own task, portrayed as contemporary icons. There is Bina, the keeper of peace and Asia, protector of hope and desire. Laura, the saviour of the planets. Runa, carrier of mighty force. Famke, mother of future life. Eva, guardian of souls. Lucy, bringer of light. The paintings have a modern twist. With the latest technology like face recognition we become more and more a virtual and fragmented version of ourselves. While working in VR (virtual reality) I started
to simplify realistic features to create new forms. This technique influenced
the outcome of these paintings. Modern Saints are symbolic guardians in
a time of transition.