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These large size oil paintings are characterized by haunting  figures in surreal landscapes, mystery and questions abound in the works and mirror the aesthetic of Bosch. J. Bosch was an artist of his time and Van de Griend bears striking similarities to his work.  A recent article in the German newspaper, BZ described Van de Griend as “Die Frau, die in Berlin die Wande Feiert”: directly translated it means: “The woman in Berlin who celebrates the walls.”

Eveline van de Griend is born in the city where Jheronimus Bosch lived and worked, Den Bosch.  Her current works are inspired by the powerful visual language of Bosch. Followers of van de Griend’s  work will recognize elements of older works and sculptures flowing in the new pieces. Her works invite a dialogue with the viewer. There is depth and perspective in the work and brings the viewer in a state of alienation and sometimes even disgust. Heaven and hell are visualized by separate rooms in this work.

With a nod to the surreal landscapes that pervade the work of Bosch, van de Griend creates her own world with a visionary view of the here and now, and can be viewed perhaps as a reincarnation of the Dutch master.